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Flourish builds on the experience, resources, data and motivations of Indwell.

Flourish specializes in empowering clients such as municipalities, non-profits, faith communities, and other organizations to create affordable housing solutions that promote community well-being. We support clients through project imagination, programmatic planning, community engagement, funding procurement, design phases and provide project management services through all phases of development from site selection to tenant occupancy.

Our Vision

Hope and homes for all

We use our experience, skills, passion, and creativity to promote a future where suffering is relieved and people, communities, and the environment flourish.

Our Services

  • Cultivate alignment between client, community, and political needs
  • Community engagement and creating funding roadmaps
  • Understand and interpret market analyses to support real estate and community investment strategies
  • Identify potential housing partners

  • Include the exploration of property opportunities
  • Undertake site reviews, propose housing plans, and program models
  • Suggest purchasing processes
  • Identify due-diligence costs and avenues for funding
  • Launch initial development capital plans

  • Develop a viable funding model
  • Initial project concept designs
  • Geo-testing, environmental assessments, and surveys
  • Pre-consult with Municipality, Ministries, and others
  • Planning and environmental approvals
  • Funding applications

  • Include schematic and design development phases
  • Site plan approvals and building permit applications
  • Contractor procurement
  • Project funding plans

  • Construction project management
  • Payment oversight and reporting
  • Financial analysis and management
  • Warranty review and project handover
  • Final reporting

  • Tenancy launch plans and timelines
  • Building and systems operations
  • Integrate systems for rent collection and information streamlining between tenants and organization
  • Overall building and facilities management


Flourish President, Graham Cubitt, smiling Learn More

Graham Cubitt


Flourish team member, Sylvia Harris, smiling Learn More

Sylvia Harris

Development Manager

Flourish team member, Nick van der Velde, smiling Learn More

Nick van der Velde

Finance Operations Manager

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David Vander Windt

Development Coordinator

Flourish team member, John Schuurman, smiling Learn More

John Schuurman

Development Coordinator

Flourish team member, Chantel Palmer, smiling Learn More

Chantel Palmer

Finance Operations Assistant

Flourish team member, Dylan Ward, smiling Learn More

Dylan Ward

Development Coordinator

Flourish team member, Ashraf Elawad, smiling Learn More

Ashraf Elawad

Construction Coordinator

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Linda Nydam

Construction Project Manager

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Mike Stevenson

Commercial Leasing Coordinator

Board of Directors

Flourish board member, Fred Spoelstra, smiling Learn More

Fred Spoelstra

Flourish board member, Bill Munns, smiling Learn More

Bill Munns

Flourish board member, Jeff Neven, smiling Learn More

Jeff Neven

Treasurer & Secretary, Executive Director of Indwell

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We are a growing team of people who combine professional experience with a passion for taking hopeful action in creating affordable housing solutions.

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